3D Printed Specs Land in Brum

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Everyone who doesn't need specs went through a phase in their early-20s where they wished they did. We had a second wave of that wanting, last week, aged 35. If you haven't been to Brittain Opticians, in Harborne, then rectify that tout suite. They're probably quite good at working out what's wrong with your peepers, but what really grabbed us was the frames. Blooming hell. Stunning, lightweight wooden frames, made out of poplar from Milanese designers FEB31st (top) might be pick of the bunch, but they're also - we think - the only retailers in Brum who stock 3D printed glasses (bottom). They have a number of Berlin-made Mykita Mylon, the frames for which are carved using Selective Laser Sintering. The video of this process will convince you that the robot revolution is only a matter of months away. They also sell prescription sunglasses and plain lens sunglasses, for those with perfect 20/20 but an even better eye for style.

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