Central Library Pin Badge

Yours for just £6 (with free postage)

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We've made our feelings about the destruction of the Central Library abundantly clear, by howling with hurt and sobbing loudly in the faces of terrified passersby every time we step within 50 metres of the doomed building. Less unattractively, though, we've also had this pin badge made for all those who wish to remember the divisive ziggurat long after the last concrete slab is lost to time. Teaming up with the wonderful Birmingham badge kings Pin Game and the designer behind our much-loved logo, Claire Hartley, it's a charming and ever-so affordable nod to John Madin's top-heavy landmark. And even if you never loved the old library we bet you know someone who does and for just £6 (with free postage) you can pin this fitting tribute to their shoes. Or their lapels, if you're going to be utterly unoriginal.

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