Channel Your Inner Rage

Crowbars included

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The Rage Room is probably the most cathartic space in existence — luxury spas explicitly included. Your sole aim is to destroy everything placed in front of you, using a worrying selection of crowbars and baseball bats. Small items for the destruction, like glassware and crockery, are included in all packages, while you can bolt on heavy duty hardware like full office printers, if you've got A LOT of stress to out. We particularly excelled at the extermination of computer keyboards (put them on an angle, strike centrally). The dress code is Slipknot (and provided) so all you need to do is bring your musical selection — we tested out soundtracks from Rage Against The Machine, to Handel, to Bewitched with a 100% success rate. From £20, it's just up from the Chinese Pagoda. Click for a video, then join the rest of Birmingham in booking here.

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