Deliveroo: Lunch to your desk from £5

The six best dishes from Deliveroo's new express lunch menu

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We're going all high-five excessive with the news that Deliveroo have reduced their minimum order charge from £15 to £5. For maths fans, that's a whopping 66.6666% drop. Add to that all new express lunch menus and their 15 minute delivery time target and suddenly Deliveroo is very much a lunchy-type option. Here's our pick of what to order from just six of the Brum City Centre restaurants taking part.

Diced Chicken from 4023 (£5.45)

Allow Deliveroo's 'to your office' express lunchery take you to the Mediterranean. Sort of. Okay it takes you to 4023, the (relatively) new and always ace Mediterranean deli on Stephenson Street. But you don't have to know where the hell it is because Deliveroo will deliver their smoky, barbecuey, close-your-eyes-as-you-chew Diced Chicken for £5.45 (plus delivery fee). 4023 sits in that wondrous venn diagram spot where taste meets healthy. EXPLOIT IT! Or order one of the below. Thems-alls-good.


Falafel salad from The Warehouse Cafe (£5)

There's a lot of things this city excels at, but getting an interesting and filling salad within striking distance of the office, well, let's just say there are no top ten guides to achieving this particular pursuit. Cue the falafel kings of this here city. We defy you to find a person who cannot eat The Warehouse Cafe's vegan friendly, gluten free, nut free falafel salad. Which, though, is not itself free, at £5, it's a really rather reasonable option. Homemade falafel is served with baby lettuce, mixed beans, jalapenos, cheddar and topped off with a chilli dressing; the results are sating enough to keep your mind far away from the cakes necessitated by whatever is being celebrated in your office today. Or have those too. Check out Warehouse Cafe's complete express lunch menu right here, which is available to order from 12pm.


YO! Box from YO! Sushi (£5)

First things first, you are not receiving two pieces of sushi for your £5. In the land of Japan's most, shall we say, price flexible mouthful, Deliveroo and YO! are offering something far more wallet-friendly. Please be upstanding, for the YO! Box: Six pieces (three of the YO! Rolls — two of which are pictured — confusing right?) and three pieces of California Roll. Everybody got that? So if salmony, sushiey, sesame, surumiey sumptuousness to your desk in — with a fair wind — fifteen minutes, is your cup of miso, head in this general direction.


Pork Carnitas Burrito, from Mission Burrito (£5.95)

In the mood for some Mexicana? Mission Burrito (Brindleyplace) can wing their wondrous pork carnitas burrito your way for £5.95 (plus delivery fee) and it's guaranteed to abolish all and any hunger pangs. Expect fresh ingredients and a twist of spicy zip, followed closely by uniform jealousy from all your work colleagues. Split the delivery fee with one of them to ensure maximum value for money.

Head this way.


Chicken Katsu Curry Box from Yakinori (£5)

Our first port off during this express lunch insanity is independent Japanese demagogues, Yakinori. With a whole heap of dishes for a "Lady Godiva" that can make their own way to your door, get your chops round one of the team's most popular dishes, the Chicken Katsu Curry Box. Cooked in golden crispy panko breadcrumbs and served in a mild and fragrant curry with broccoli and sticky rice, it will see you right through to 5 o'clock.

Check out Yakinori's full express menu.


Chicken Pot Pie from EAT (£4.79 - £5.99)

Good old dependable EAT. You know where you stand with EAT and if a decent sandwich is what you want then a decent sandwich is what Deliveroo will fetch you. If, however, you want to know our favourite thing on their menu (and that's sort of the point behind this entire feature) then we're big fans of the Chicken Pot Pie. Yes, even in summer. Yes, the "VERY Big" option (£5.99. In the words of the Speaker of the House of Commons - "Order!"


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