On the Edge: The Night Watchman

And, no, he's not watching Eastenders

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Following the fall of Communism and the failure of successive governments to spread reform, much of the population of the former-USSR was left to survive on dwindling resources, and so people stripped disused Soviet buildings for sellable scrap and iron. Along with scapes across Romania and Hungary, photographer Tama Dezso has spent much of the last eight years capturing the story. With credits including the New York Times, National Geographic and Time, Dezso knows his way up, down and around a lense. The Hungarian captured The Night Watchman (Budapest, 2009 — pictured), standing guard over the sort of buildings that would otherwise be targeted for scrap. Take in Denzo's work at Argentea, a new gallery dedicated to showing the best in contemporary photography from both British and international artists. Until November 26. Opening times

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