For every ladder you hope to climb

Don't forget the rope

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Aerial wizardry in the form of Tilt Festival runs from July 18 to 24. Take up a class, take in a show, or do both with the festival's main event, Snakes & Ladders. Occurring across a specifically designed rig structure, five performers play a giant 3D version of the traditional game. The real life players can pass over their competitors, send them tumbling down snakes to start again and cheat their way up by climbing ladders. Amongst other things, the completely free piece encompasses dance harness, aerial rope and parkour, exploring the balance of relationships, plus the good and bad qualities of desire and destiny. Showing next to The Rep on Centenary Square and followed by a workshop, you get six chances to see the completely new piece, at 1pm and 4pm on July 22 to 24.

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