Film of the Week: A Ghost Story

It's Marmite flavoured

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As summer dies down and the blockbuster circus leaves town, how’s about a palette-cleanser from digital destruction? You won’t get more lo-fi than this – largely set in a single house, it’s the story what happens when one unnamed half of a couple (Casey Affleck) dies in a car crash, only to return to haunt the house he shared with his wife (Rooney Mara). In a pretty big gamble, the ghost is played by Affleck literally wearing a sheet over his head, like he’s going trick-or-treating. If you can get beyond that – some will find it ridiculous, others will get it – you’ll not find a horror, but film of quiet ambition, as Affleck witnesses events future and past on the same scrap of earth he silently haunts, gaining wisdom as he observes the lives of those who cross his path. It’s a Marmite flick, to be sure, but don’t forget some people love Marmite.

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