Film of the Week: Gold

Not a hair plug in sight

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It’s a cliché in movie reviewing to say something like “Fans of [Actor X] are in for a treat!” In this case it oddly applies, though, as Matthew McConaughey so dominates proceedings that very little of an interesting story can fit round him. Overweight and with his hair plugs removed (;-p), he’s superb as a failing commodities man who risks it all on a hunch that there’s literally gold in them thar hills. He makes a fortune, but finds all parties want their pound of precious metal – can he keep his soul and the shiny rocks? McConaughey gives it his all, but you can feel every sinew of this film strain to be American Hustle or The Wolf of Wall Street. It’s watchable viewing, and has cracking moments, but Gold can’t escape a definite air of familiarity. Times & trailer

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