Flaming Dustbins at Brum's Mini-Coliseum

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You may need assistance working out what the blithering hell is going on in the above image, but even if you go and see The Destroyers, at mac Birmingham's outdoor amphitheatre you'll have little clue what the fudge is happening, such is the glorious insanity of the act. FYI the guy with a flaming dustbin on his head is firing giant smoke rings at the audience at the say so of a trumpeter three people to the left. Video evidence here. The awesome — and we mean awesome — live act will complete a season of al fresco muzak in Cannon Hill Park's mini coliseum that'll also see a full-on Samba party, a Summer Swing Circus and the altogether more mellow works of master kora player Tunde Jegede & The Art Ensemble of Lagos. See all 

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