Galician Goodness

Steak, only a zillion times better

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Despite the rising trend toward more mature beef, the majority eaten in the UK comes from cattle no older than 30 months. Find out the error of our nation's ways in the most practical sense, with the undisputed heavy weights of the steak world, Fiesta Del Asado, who will be delivering up cuts of Galician Blond that are 18 years old, and Basque dairy stock that are around 14. Increasingly favoured by top chefs, it's the deep maroon colouring, complex flavours and beautiful, yellowy marbling that the more mature ruminants have over their younger competition. Dinner is served on Tuesday 13 September from 5.30pm onwards and comprises four courses for £45, including empanadas and carpaccio (beef of course) prior to the main event. Book

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