The Hippodrome's Helipad

Complete with three tonnes of helicopter

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In an eight show week, how many times does the helicopter's rotor blade spin in the Hippodrome's new production of Miss Saigon? The correct answer is 3,600. We saw it on Tuesday, we counted the number of rotations, then we multiplied by eight. We didn't. But what we did see was a cast of 35 — A LOT in theatrical terms — dance and sing and hustle and fight from deep down in their souls. And belting, soaring soprano vocals came from the tiny frame of wide-eyed protagonist Kim (played by Sooha Kim), who takes looking crushed to realms we hadn't known possible. Uplifting? Absolutely not. But this is a big, important, record smasher of a show that will make you sob like you've grazed both your knees AND dropped your 99 Flake. And there's something hugely cathartic about that. Until Sept 23. Tickets (from £30)

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