Madin-ise your mantlepiece

Brutal is the new boho

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Rather appropriately immortalised in concrete, those brutal boys from Space_Play have been scurrilously surveying, modelling, cutting and casting a sculpture of John Madin's late lamented Central Library. Starting life as a study of architectural plans and images, there's a seven-stage process, taking weeks and culminating in the hand-stamping of each sculpture. Surely a shoo-in for a spot at BMAG when we're all a bit older, greyer and more rotund, a limited run of the piece, which measures 250 x 118 x 35mm and weighs 960g, is on sale from today. And with timing as cunning as the wiliest of foxes, Team Space_Play is giving away three. Maybe win one here. Definitely buy one here (£45).

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