Movie Recommendation: Bridge Of Spies

Steven Spielberg teaming up with Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance – what could go wrong?

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Oh now this is just pure class. Steven Spielberg, one of the great American filmmakers, teaming up with Tom Hanks, one of the last genuine movie stars, and Mark Rylance, don of the British stage – what could go wrong? Not much, it’s a pleasure to report.

Rylance is an enigmatic spy in Cold War New York who’s captured on operations, and Hanks is (of course) a decent lawyer fighting to get him a fair day in court – and things turn geopolitical when the Soviets down a spy plane and Rylance becomes a potential bargaining chip in securing the return of its pilot.

This is Spielberg, so there's no Tinker Tailor-style focus on the grubbiness of espionage, and in its place an idealistic focus on the importance of equality before the law - but that's no criticism. This is a meaty, juicy film you can sink into and savour.

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