Movie of the Week: The Accountant

"Riotously enjoyable stuff if you've had a few beers"

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There are two wildly ludicrous films out this week, but only one of them knows it. Fashion tosser Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals is a pretentious nightmare of over-aestheticised tosh, while this amiably bonkers flick at the very least knows it’s silly – and then some. Ben Affleck stars as the eponymous bean counter, an autistic savant who’s also, thanks to an upbringing with a Dad to the right of Chris Cooper in American Beauty, a master marksman and martial artist. Yeah, it’s ridiculous, but aside from a few quibbles over the Rain Man-esque suggestion that a potentially crippling condition is actually the route to real-life superpowers, this is riotously enjoyable stuff if you’ve had a few beers. Times

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