Movie of the week - Captain America: Civil War

As is customary, we've been to the pictures

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People tend to get very excited about Marvel movies, and not just in the anticipatory sense. Was the last Captain America really a neo-Seventies conspiracy thriller? We don’t remember Warren Beatty flying a jet pack in The Parallax View. Anyway, as frothy confections they hit the target, and this, Marvel’s 13th film in its cinematic universe, feels like a culmination. Appalled at the collateral damage caused by the Avengers’ recent avenging, the UN demands control of the team. They split down the middle over whether to accede, and the ensuing rumble results in some of the best superhero action seen onscreen. It’s a busy film, sure, but key character introductions are handled well, and in this serialised blockbuster for the binge-watching age, there are payoffs a-plenty. Times & trailer

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