Movie of the Week: Deadpool

Deadpool trumps Zoolander 2. (Which is dead rubbish)

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We bring sad-making news. Zoolander 2 is a bit terrible. And although we got carried away, mentioning it three times in last week's issue, we have to remember that our job is to recommend you movies and, alas, having seen it, we do not recommend it. It feels like they wrote it in a week, during their spare time, while watching something else. And watching something else is, sadly, exactly what you should do. More worth your time is Deadpool, a would-be subversive superhero flick that isn’t nearly as clever as it thinks it is, but raises more than enough belly laughs. Ryan Reynolds stars as the eponymous ‘merc with a mouth’ who embarks on the usual quest for vengeance after being left disfigured. The twist is, he’s aware he’s in a superhero movie, and there are gags-a-plenty about the genre’s conventions – but oddly, none on the pretty familiar story at its core. Still, Reynolds was born to play this character, and if the occasional gag falls flat, no matter – you’re never more than seconds away from a dozen more. Times & trailer

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