Movie of the Week: Inferno

Like the dirty burger you need in your life

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We all know we should be eating our vegetables, but sometimes a burger of dodgy provenance and dubious hygiene is all that’ll hit the spot, right? If you’re in the mood for a tedious and phoney salad, American Honey is at cinemas this weekend, but if you want to smear your chin with something you’d buy from a van, allow us to point you toward Inferno. The third adaptation of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon books is easily the best – not a high bar, to be fair – but this is endearingly goofy entertainment, with a ludicrous plot getting ever more ludicrous as Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones walk into a whole gap year’s worth of landmarks with suspicious ease. The guff is all something to do with a supervirus designed to cure the world of overpopulation, but it’s the surprisingly vivid visions of a Dante-esque hell that’ll stay with you. Times & trailer

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