Movie of the Week: Suicide Squad

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After Batman V Superman (let’s be generous and say) underwhelmed, the pressure was ramped up on this DC villains do the Dirty Dozen flick. With seven more DC films at various stages of production, if this fails it’s going to be increasingly difficult to get people excited. Good news then: it’s a lot better than that Bruce Wayne versus Clark Kent smackdown. Slightly less good news: it still doesn’t match the best of Marvel. But lots of it does work. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, the Joker’s girlfriend, is the stand-out of the group of dangerous ‘meta-humans’ sent on a suicide mission into the fictional Midway City. She’s not alone though. Most of the team (not all — sorry Katana) make an impression as they quip, argue and brawl their way closer to their target. It’s only in the finale, as the ropey villain unleashes her attempt to take over the world with a CGI light show, that it loses its way. But before then it kicks superhero butt. Times

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