Movie of the Week - X-Men: Apocalypse

Angry dude strangles blue lass. All hell breaks loose.

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The X-Men series has gone on for so long, it’s possible the next entry will beX-Men Take Manhattan. It’s been a patchy franchise, and while this entry doesn’t match its heights, it’s a respectable non-fumble of the property in an era when seemingly only Marvel can get its super-movies right. The rebooted team of McAvoy, Fassbender et al must this time face-off against an ancient mutant hailing from Ancient Egypt who plans to cause the catastrophe of the title. It’s at times overstuffed, introducing a brace of new characters, and a tad humourless, especially given the zip of a few previous instalments, but there’s a comfort factor to seeing this talented ensemble again, and it’s a hard film to dislike. Times & trailer

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