Original Patty Men: Mars Branch

Arnie inspired edibleness is inbound

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"Get your ass to Mars" via Regency Wharf where a much needed Broad Street-annexing continues with the launch of the Rum Runner Yard. Named after The Rum Runner (deduct a gazillion Brummie points if you didn't know what that was) the outdoor event space is slap bang on top of where the famous gig venue once sat. Adjacent to the Hyatt and next door to Gas Street Basin, they'll be showing space-based 1990 Arnie epicTotal Recall on Friday October 7. Original Patty Men will be crafting an ode to Arnie burger, pictured. Expect Mars-style red bun with black sesame and poppy seeds, sauerkraut, pickled pink onions, beef patty, Viennese pork sausage and schnitzel gravy. Two errors in the picture (sorry!) the cream cheese will actually be smoked cheddar and the gravy will be drizzled on. No separate tub. Rub Smokehouse are on free marshmallow or bacon and maple popcorn, cocktails will be 2-4-1 and tickets (which include the burger) will be £15.

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