Painting, pavements and Poundland

Introducing the three Ps

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Hard scientific fact: Nobody's favourite part of Birmingham is Martineau Place.Nobody's. With that in mind it takes one hell of artist to gamble on featuring a chunk of the shopping centre — that resembles a prison in the Jetsons in a painting, and for that painting to still be immaculate. Step forward Reuben Colley whose latest series of Birmingham works, part of his City Living collection, goes on display at his Colmore Row-based gallery on Monday (September 12) until October 29. Brum-born Colley paints Birmingham in all its gritty reality: rain-soaked pavements, Poundland (actually, though), and pedestrians wrapped up against the cold, going about their business. Each work records a day in the life of an ever-changing and evolving city. Originals and signed limited edition prints will be available for purchase, while a nosy around is completely free and all are welcome. Except, probably, art thieves. Check out both collections, here.

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