Pushing the Envelope

One-offs that are actually one-offs

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Bespoke. One-off. Specially curated and/or paired. All phrases that we struggle not to see in press releases these days. But if you're in the market for food-based experiences which hit remarkable by more than chance, you need Kaye Winwood'sevents in your life. Regularly pairing up with chef/wizard Chris Hughes, their last big deal was Breakfast of Champions, in which Two Cats became a greasy spoon "caff" for the day (pictured). The six-course composition included silly good plays on "egg and soldiers", finishing up with a ludicrous edible cigarettes and black coffee course. Next up is a backward running dining experience and edible journey through The Devil’s Larder by author Jim Crace. Part of Birmingham Literature Festival, Winwood is describing the evening as "the most ambitious we have worked on in terms of food, plating, narrative, and set". Not by press release. They don't need press releases. Probably get a ticket fast. On October 15, it's £99 for five-courses, drinks flight and whatever wonderful crazy the team conjures before then. It's not just London, pushing the envelope. Never forget that. And here's where the phrase "pushing the envelope" comes from. It's really cool.  

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