Sushi, Scallops and Sticking an Ice Cream Van in Harvey Nics

They call it, a festival

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The Mailbox has launched a week-long festival of food and drink events, tastings and demos. From August 7 to 13, the programme includes that lot from The Wilderness driving an ice-cream van into Harvey Nichols as part of a kitchen and cocktail takeover. Get six-courses (£75) of satirical summer holidays in the form of food on August 13, including new creations as well as restaurant stalwarts like Oh B*llocks (pictured, top left). Alternatively, you can try the bar menu, or stop off for the team's alcoholic-takes on childhood belters like a Mr Whippy and Calippo from the joyously naff van picturedYou can also join Lap-fai Lee for an Asian seafood master class at the ever so attractive Kitchen Gallery. For exactly £38.57, at 12pm or at3pm, you'll make sushi, grill scallops and curry prawns as part of a hands-on group of eight, then get down to chowing the fruits of your labouring in the store's dining room you'll want for your own. More events are still being confirmed including a four-restaurant food tour and plenty of pop up sampling. Watch THIS space.

Imagery: Lap-fai Lee (scallop, tuna and knife)

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