Taste the gin, not the tonic

Made in Birmingham

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If you take as much of an interest in 40 St Pauls as we do, you'll know that Aman and the team have been intensively testing and refining their recipe for Hockley Tonic for months. What you're less likely to be aware of is that from tomorrow (Friday), you can buy the good stuff in concentrated form from Loki. Created with a lighter flavour profile than your typical tonic, each botanical used is selected to highlight the craft of the gin, not to mask the bitterness of the quinine-filled, Malaria-fighting varieties of yesteryear. So if you're big into gin but less enthralled with the rise and rise of busty tonic waters, this little bottle of adult sparkle-dust is going to be entirely your jam. It's £8 for the concentrate, which comes with its own measuring tube and equates to twenty serves. Measure out 50ml of your favourite gin, 10ml of concentrate and 100ml of sparkling water. Add ice and garnish to taste. Feel rightly smug at the decisions that led you here. More

Image: Jack Spicer Adams

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