Tennis, in a squash court?

And approximately 8,000% less injury-inducing

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Want to make your legs feel like Aquafresh toothpaste? Try Padel. A racket sport born in Acapulco, it's now going local (see what we sort of did there?) down in, erm, Yardley. Absolutely enormous in Spain it essentially consists of a tennis court with walls around it which ensure the bloody ball refuses to go out of play. Actually that's not strictly true, winning a point is easier than it sounds and the game is nowhere near as repulsive and injury-inducing as squash, and infinitely easier than tennis (underarm serves mean you can't 'Andy Roddick' your cowering opponent). There are only 35 courts in the country and four are in Brum, the biggest Padel facility in the UK so far and the only indoor facility outside London. We booked a quick class to guarantee we had the rules right and once we had them down it was... wait for it... smashing fun (*Roger Moore eyebrow*). Lends itself brilliantly to doubles. Give it a try or consider yourself a custard of the cowardy variety. Website

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