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Meet Al. Al's been dead for around 150 million years (gutted) and as an Allosaurus, was pretty much the predator to be most scared of in the Jurassic period (as well as being the forerunner to the T rex). If you're in the market for a one-on-one with our Al, as luck would have it, The Lapworth Museum of Geology reopened on Friday, and they're giving him a place to crash until he can get back on good terms with his therepod dinosaur crew. Following an extensive £2.7m redevelopment, the completely free museum, which is open daily and housed on the University of Birmingham's campus has got 3.5 billion years of history to get to grips with. The team has also unveiled plans to open a theme park containing cloned dinosaurs on a remote tropical island called Isla Nubar. They haven't.

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