150 Cocktails Are Coming

150 Cocktails Are Coming

Brace for impact

May 12th is a Thursday. This is important to you and your diary because it marks the launch of Be At One Cocktail Bar, in Birmingham.

This is important to you because Be At One are the famous purveyors of 150 different cocktails. In short, we have reached the Promised Land.

Set to open their doors at the rapidly-becoming-brilliant Piccadilly Arcade, the almost dizzying entire menu can be found here, with a top 10 most popular drinks (a cheat sheet, basically) supplied below. Maybe find your way to your own top ten?

The soon-to-be bar staff of the new launch are currently undergoing the 10 week training course required to be capable of mixing the vast lexicon of liquidy loveliness, with Be At One forking out £5,000 per trainee.

The first Be At One emerged in Battersea Rise in May 1998 and since then they've opened a further 30 bars, making Birmingham’s bar their 31st site and the 12th site outside London. In short, they've taken their sweet time and owe us some seriously good sipples.

Our first order? Rhys' Pieces - Peanut butter cups, bourbon, sugar, vanilla ice cream. Childhood in a glass. Well, except the bourbon.