8 Reasons to Visit Digbeth Now!

8 Reasons to Visit Digbeth Now!

Tramworks are clearing and now's the time to pile in

The Digbeth roadworks have been well documented. Anyone that's been in that part of Brum in the last few months will have been confronted with a Celebrity Cyclone-esque onslaught of fencing, barriers and tram line-related headachery which has made reaching the independent bars, restaurants, cinemas and other aceness somewhat un-appetising. But as the light at the end of the tunnel begins to glow much brighter (the works are starting to clear and Gibb Street is open again, thank all the gods!) it's worth remembering that a little struggle right now is absolutely worth it, and could save venues from closure. Having swung by the area last Friday, when you would have thought a train strike would have made matters all the worse, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to reach Heath Mill Lane, and the hospitality gems that surround it, while Christmas gridlock shut down more central parts of Brum. There remains no better part of Birmingham to bring in the festive cheer than Digbeth, and if it means adding a minute or two to your journey time to help the venues therein, surely, so be it. Here's just eight offerings from eight independents for your kind Christmassy consideration...  

670 Grams
There is no restaurant like it and certainly not at such outstanding value. Fine-dining the Digbeth way from Kray Treadwell, Michelin Young Chef Award-winner 2021. Even the crockery deserves awards. More 

Passing Fancies
The perfect mix of skilled cocktail makers and a beautifully relaxed atmosphere, Passing Fancies isn't just home to one of the city's best mixologists, but three of them. A huge asset to Brum. Insta 

Ridding & Wynn
Purveyors of finery and curiosities, this is one of those places that when you enter you struggle to leave — a bit like a black hole but it won't stretch your body into a thin ribbon. In fact you'll absolutely bloody love it. An Xmas shopping goldmine. More 

Crazy Pedro's
Pizzas, tequilas, mezcal and margaritas, Crazy Pedro's is an absolute must. Those NYC style doughy discs are so utterly moreish and wild in their invention, they'll put a smile on even the most cynical of kissers. Book your works do here. More

The Mill
Show me a live music venue with a better pre-Christmas line-up and I'll eat that microphone. This Saturday (December 3) Back To The Nineties looks every bit as good as it sounds then, forgive me, but the Christmas ABBA Experience (Dec 9) is going to GO OFF. Full schedule

Right in the mixer when discussing Birmingham's best burgers pictured is their festive special, the Filthy Animal: Dry Aged Smash Patty, American Cheese, Herb Crusted Camembert, Maple Streaky Bacon, Tater Tots, Champagne Slaw, Cranberry Mayo, Fig Relish, Demi Brioche Bun. Bloody hell

Dr Oculus
Digbeth, so often at the forefront of sustainability, is leading the city yet again, this time with sustainable eyewear. You'll find Dr Oculus in the middle of the Venn diagram of style and substance. But also on Gibb Street.

Strand & Lock and Kutta
Linked only by the fact they cut hair and both do a blindingly good job of it, Strand & Lock is more likely one for the ladies and Kutta more likely one for gents. But there are no rules. Get Christmas coiffured!



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