All Hail Hamleys Birmingham Branch

All Hail Hamleys Birmingham Branch

Toy store bliss is Resorts World-bound

In news that will make your inner eight-year-old cartwheel all the way to your local newsagents and order a quarter of cola cubes, the first Hamleys toy shop in the West Midlands will open at Resorts World Birmingham.

Cruelly, the closest Hamleys toy store nirvana before now was in London, but they're set to open on our doorstep for Christmas shopping this year. Plus, there's an outletty vibe to this one so there'll be reductions in price that you simply wouldn't get at the Regents Street branch.

Ian Bennett, Operations Director for Resorts World Birmingham said: “We are thrilled to announce the opening of the world famous toy shop, Hamleys..." and then he said a bunch of other stuff, but by this time we had regressed twenty years and were spinning around and bumping into one another in an insanely childlish display of unbridled joy.

It'll open on October 21st. We'll be camping there from October 20th.