Big Taiko Beats

Big Taiko Beats

Drum thumping fun

The Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers are smashing things up at The Bramall. Not all the things — that would be illegal, as well as terribly disrespectful. But in terms of smashing of the cowhide variety, the percussionists and performers will be hitting it hard and rhythmically.

The most successful touring taiko drum group on the continent, expect mysterious masked choreography, post-apocalyptic martial imagery and a goodly measure of humour. And if you're wondering what in name of Bejesus all this talk of taiko is, the range of beatable instruments are as Japanese in origin as they sound. What Mugenkyo bring to the whisper quiet party is a contemporary look and sound, fusing the traditional spirit of taiko with a modern stage performance befitting of your time and attention.

Catch the squad at the Bramall, on UoB's campus on Thursday 20 October at 7.30pm. A seat will be awarded in exchange for the giving of 18 of your finest pounds.