Blaze Lands in Brum

Blaze Lands in Brum

With the running and the lifting and the punching

I'm 39 so, cards on the table, you won't catch me at a nightclub ever again. The closest you'll get to me hitting a non-wedding dancefloor is Blaze, the latest high intensity interval training to open in Birmingtown. 

Here's the deal. There are three stations; a treadmill, a weights station and a punchbag. Over the course of 45 minutes you'll visit all three repeatedly, running, sprinting, lifting, squatting, punching and kicking your way to a workout — with each session being completely unique. All the while your heart rate and myriad other stats are flung up on screens around the studio, while music and lighting more at home in Pascha (does that still exist?)  add energy to what is consistently a gruelling session. In all the right ways.  

Blaze opened its doors in early January, the brand’s first stand-alone studio in the UK. All other studios are part of David Lloyd gyms where, if you're a platinum member, you automatically get access to Blaze. Let's just say I'm now a fully paid-up platinum member, so they must be doing something right.

It's massively cardio-focused, so don't let that weights station put you off if lifting KGs isn't your MO. The key is to get your heart rate into the red section, so calorie burning continues long, long after you've finally regained your natural skin tone which, if your me, takes 9 hours.

And the punching. Oh the punching! Without a shadow of a doubt this is the place if you have a little frustration to vent.  Or, you know, a lot.

Classes are operated on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, and will cost £19 each for a 45-minute session, or £79 for five sessions. Alternatively, David Lloyd Club Platinum members can use Blaze by David Lloyd studio as part of their membership.

Booking in advance is essential via