15% off at BoConcept

15% off at BoConcept

Four days of deductions from the Danish masters of design, in their Mailbox store

BoConcept, makers of all things beautiful, are offering a rare and wallet-warming 15% off everything on October 11, 12, 13 and 14 to celebrate one year since they launched in Birmingham's Mailbox. 

Unmistakeably Danish and made to order, everything is totally customisable, so giving you exact prices for some of our favourite pieces (which we've picked out below) is nigh impossible, but the hyperlinks provided will help.

What we can do is give you some super-accurate "prices start from" numbers so you can figure out if a nosy in store is worthwhile: 

  • Sofas from £769
  • Dining tables from £549
  • Coffee tables from £149
  • Chairs from £189
  • Lamps from £32.50

And let's just say we're £203.15 worse off, but considerably happier about our living room, after we walked in and bought this TONE mirror (above) in this exact shade. 

Perhaps unsurprisngly the dearest products in their repertoire are the sofas and tables. But every example of both is a statement piece around which your dining room or living room will revolve.  And that 15% counts as a seriously sizable deduction. 

How about the jaw-dropping, plinth-mounted MILAN table (above), or the HAMPTON sofa (below), with adjustable headrests that were inspired by the skyline of New York City?  

On lighting we went all giddy for the MAIN floor lamps (below), the orange option of which would thwack winter across its chilly back-side.  

There's something about standalone chairs, isn't there? Something so bold and unique. All made in Denmark to order, your heart might immediately say leather when it comes to the iconic IMOLA...

...But let your head into the internal debate and, in the context of your living room, the fabric version, at almost half the price, becomes the serious option. There are only four craftsmen in the world who are qualified to make the IMOLA. All work from the same factory, with two more craftsmen in training. It takes a year to be qualifed to make this one chair...

Most rooms have more than one purpose - the living room needs to be bright when you’re working on your laptop, but when you’re on hour three of a Netflix session, the lighting needs to be cosy. Your dining rooms needs mood lighting when you're eating and even moodier lighting when you're not. The answer in either instance is FUTUNA, which at £483.65 (down from £569) will transform your space... 

When it came to coffee tables we were utterly torn. The ICB staffer with the Victorian terraced house in Bournville was swaying hard towards these MADRID centrepieces, to bring a gentle splash of modernity into a one-pupose living space.

But the writer with the modern flat in the city centre was all about this extraordinary BARCELONA (below).  Multipurpose rooms need multipurpose furniture. When all components are placed flat it's a coffee table of modern elegance, but three seperate elements can be raised or lowered to display your favourite pieces on platforms or simply, to allow you to eat your dinner at a comfortable height. 

On dining chairs things get even more customisable and unique. How's this little graphic as a helping hand on just how interchangeable BoConcept can be? This is only one chair from their options — the ADELAIDE — dizzyingly brilliant and utterly bespoke.  

Maybe you're watching the pennies just now so the big ticket items are out of the question, but a little splash of lovely isn't? These little SHOGUN stools come with almost £20 off, down from £129 to £109.65.  Perhaps park it under your dressing table or place it into the corner of a living room to raise a beloved plant?

And if you're the organised type and have one eye on Christmas how about getting these LIVING salt and pepper mills for your folks? That's £75.65 in total, for both. 

BoConcept is found in the Mailbox. Discount days are October 11, 12, 13 and 14.