BREAKING: Burger Bear in Birmingham Today and Tomorrow

BREAKING: Burger Bear in Birmingham Today and Tomorrow

One of the nation's finest beef craftsmen hits the Hawker Yard

Do-no-wrong burger legends Burger Bear will be gracing Birmingham's brand new Hawker Yard today (Friday , September 2) and tomorrow, and if you're not attending you need medical help or an incredible excuse.

The London-based beef don is consistently ranked within the very best burgers the capital has to offer. Owned by Leamington Spa-born Tom Reaney — who actually spent years working in Digbeth — Burger Bear started out in July 2012 as a street food gazebo in Haringey, North London. Thanks to some seriously good burgers and a huge following that helped him raise a £36,000 Kickstarter, Tom opened what is now called the Magic Roundabout, a 500 capacity site similar to Brum's new Hawker Yard. Tom also has a permanent burger restaurant in Stoke Newington.

He will be in the Hawker Yard, a new street food concept from the people behind Brum Yum Yum, from 5pm to 11pm tonight and midday to 11pm tomorrow. On the menu for this not-to-be-missed appearance is the Burger Bear Classic Cheeseburger and an Angry Bear Classic with helluvapiño relish and The Ribman's #HolyFuck hot sauce (that's what we're having).

Also available is a Grizzly Bear Classic with double oak smoked bacon and burger bear bacon jam (we're having that too) and the Greedy Bear which apparently includes "everything twice". There' also the Yolky Bear, which is an Angry burger but with a duck egg. Which we are also having.

The Hawker Yard is a new permanent street food site venue found on Pershore Street, at the back of the Arcadian, close to the Bullring Fish Market. It looks like this...

And their Facebook page or Twitter feed should supply you with everything else you need.

So that's your weekend plans sorted. Chestbumps all round?

Images: Thomas Bowles (top), @HawkerYard (bottom)