...To Your Door

Take a bow, King's Heath's Hare & Hounds, and their Harborne partners at The Plough. You probably know that the food, both in-house and via Uber Eats, is coming out of the Hare's kitchen courtesy of skilled cooks from The Plough — a venue known for its pure quality produce.

"We've now got about 100 covers outside, when the sun shines," says Jake Golec, General Manager. "So we want everyone to come down and check it out. It's the same F&B ethos and the same moral attitude that they have at The Plough, but transferred to an iconic pub — one that turns 200 years old this year — that had everything except, perhaps, a pitch perfect food offering. Now it has that. The puzzle is complete." 

"But if you're staying in and feel the hunger then through Uber Eats we can reach a huge radius that The Plough couldn't. We've effectively doubled the number of people we can get to. Plus, where most venues need to feel their way from a standing start when it comes to what food travels well, we have five years of hard-earned knowledge, learned at The Plough, ready to go. 

"Our delivery menu is probably half the size of our dine-in menu — that's a strength, not a weakness. We will only deliver food we know has every chance of getting to you in its best possible condition. Sure we're always keen to expand the menu, and we're always tinkering in the kitchen, but we won't deliver anything that doesn't travel well. Even with our wings, we will let you cover them in sauce when they arrive, because they'll keep their crisp that way. And try as we might, we simply can't add our cauli wings to the delivery menu because they don't hold together well enough in transit. We think about these things, long and hard."

Pick of the lot on both menus (dine-in and deliver) is their Cubano sandwiches, for my money the absolute best hot sandwich the city has to offer. The pork is their top seller but the veggie option goes absolute gangbusters. Set phasers to recommend.