Cereal Killer Cafe Coming Our Way

Cereal Killer Cafe Coming Our Way

Milky bowls are Bullring-bound

London's Cereal Killer Café, the 'cereal only' eatery that has been met with loving and loathing in equal measure since 2014, is opening in the Bullring. Their first branch outside of the capital will open here in November on "Link Street" the row of shops between the Bullring and Grand Central.

Cereal Killer Café is the world's first International Cereal Café, offering over 100 different brands of cereal from America to Australia, and South Korea to South Africa. The café will be offering cereal cocktails, which are different mixes of cereal, toppings and milk, one of their most popular is ‘Unicorn Poop’ a mix of Ricicles, with marshmallow fluff, party rings, squidgy marshmallows, sprinkles, and strawberry milk. Sounds horrible.

The menu will also feature 20 flavours of poptart, 100 options of milk, maltshakes, toast, teas and coffees. The 90s themed café will seat 100 and, just like its London counterpart, will feature a heavy dose of nostalgia with 90s arcade games and single bed seating.

Since opening its first branch in East London two years ago identical twin owners Alan and Gary Keery have opened a second branch in Camden and have even released a cookbook.