Dirty Circus Coming to Town

Dirty Circus Coming to Town

Fire breathers non-optional

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Caberave. We thought there was a reasonable chance it was a typo too. But it's actually a new term to describe the fusing together of cabaret showcase and contemporary rave culture (caber-RAVE — see what they did there?). And it's a fusion you can 100% experience, with Dirty Circus, which comes to town on October 15, and brings with it electro swing, ghetto funk and an appropriately timed descent into UK garage and drum and bass. Think Electro Swing Circus (pictured), Joe Hunt, New Hyp BHM and Artful Dodger sorta mashed up deal.

On top of the musical happenings, Dirty Circus will be hosted by a ringmaster, conducting fire breathers, dancers, stilt walkers and the right amount of debauchery around Digbeth's BOXXED. Mirrored umbrella glitter balls and a burlesquely attired team will transform the blank canvas of a space, whilst Jabberwocky is on savoury, with popcorn shakers on sweet, plus plenty of sparkle-based happenings to keep you bouncing until 4am. Corsets, glitter and great head gear are actively encouraged. In fact they're practically enforced.

Early bird and first release tickets have now sold out (it's really rather popular), but you can still get your mittsies on entry for £17, with the team's first release. Standard tickets cost £19, so probably best move it along if a mental plan is swiftly forming. Get 'em here.