Through Birmingham's biggest independent family owned bar

I don't want to get all techy on you — like Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park — but email doesn't support video so it's at times like this I just want to ugly-sob into my keyboard. But, in the words of an out-going Prime Minister, "thems the breaks", and the best I can do is point you in this direction and implore you to take a look at the jaw-dropping drone footage shot in Digbeth's Hennessey's bar.

Hennessey's, for those who have been as daft as me and never been, might for many be Birmingham's best kept secret, as the footage — incredibly shot in one take — shows.

For starters it's absolutely bloody massive — Birmingham's biggest independent family owned bar, in fact. It fits, comfortably, 1000 inside, so shoulder-to-shoulder sweat-fests won't be found here, no sir, and they've got queue reduction down to a fine art. That 1000 capacity doesn't take into account the 350 who can fit comfortably into their outdoor beer garden and roof terrace, wiping the floor with anything more central.

Speaking of location — admit it, Brummies are a notoriously tricky bunch when it comes to convincing them to walk a short distance, but Hennessey's is literally around the corner from the Original Patty Men and I can pretty much guarantee you're more than happy to walk there.

It's also unrivalled when it comes to big sport viewing. The outdoor area, which is about as close to weatherproof as you can get thanks to being 50% covered and armed with both heaters (not necessary right now) and fans (very) — has a colossal 12ft wide TV screen — presumably, but not officially, the biggest in the city. Perhaps there's bigger on (whisper it) Broad Street. Indoors there's 20 screens too, so wherever you're dragging yourself for top flight football or fight night, Hennessey's is almost definitely a more comfortable option. And thanks to five SKY boxes they either will have what you want to watch on, or it can easily go on.

You can probably tell I quite like it and feel like a bit of a twazzock for having never been before last month. It seems like they've thought of everything: they have a slushy machine for the love of god and 2-4-1 food options on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Anyway, it's my top tip for the remainder of summer. Poke your head in but, like the chef in the footage, try not to have it taken clean off by a drone. More