Free wagamama

Free wagamama

There are 75 dishes at stake

wagamama is giving away 75 main dishes from its vegan menu exclusively to ICB subscribers 

Terms & conditions

Each of the three locations (New Street, Bullring and Brindleyplace) to give away 25 free vegan dishes – first come first served.

Valid from 11 January to 31 January but once each location's 25 allotted dishes have been claimed, no more will be given away.

Valid on a main dish from the vegan menu: kare burosu ramen, yasai itame, yasai pad thai, yasai yaki soba, warm tofu chilli salad.

One email per person.

Drinks and side dishes must be paid for, and are not included in the giveaway.

Guest needs to show the email when they first enter the restaurant to make sure that they are still in time to get their free vegan dish. 

ICB's T&C also apply.