"Here's Richie!" - New Turners Menu Exclusive

Because 13 courses is ten too many

Middle Class problem alert: Any meal that consists of so many dishes you have to write each down to remember what's been and gone is a meal too long. In a double-whammy reversal, Michelin-starred foodsmith Richard Turner has turned his back on his own 13-course taster menu in favour of a something a lot more standard, while simultaneously relaunching his Harborne restaurant with a Kubrickian marketing campaign that channels The Shining's iconic "Here's Johnny!" moment. Now called Turners at 69, his new look menu, which you can see exclusively below, is a refreshing return to what most of us miss - three fearless, back your own ability courses with prices that won't leave you weeping uncontrollably into your espresso. Now all we need to do is convince restaurants to do away with those fingersy salt bowls. Pray hard enough and it might just happen. Book