Kitchen (not so) confidential: bacon cheeseburger at O.P.M

Kitchen (not so) confidential: bacon cheeseburger at O.P.M

Here's one we made earlier

Recipe & ingredients:

Top grade five week-aged beef mince from a top Herefordshire farm. 70% beef to 30% fat ratio. Ask your farmer / butcher to mince it.

Ball it up in the hand.

Squeeze the ball onto a very hot flat surface to 15mm depth. If the surface is hot enough and the beef isn't cold this should not stick. Even without fat.

Plunge your thumb into the centre of the beef to prevent it retracting inward.

The patty needs three minutes either side for an even cook. There should be a lovely crisp top layer. Don't be afraid of slight charring.

With 45 seconds remaining on the second side of the patty add two slices of American cheese and place a lid over the whole thing. A loaf pan would work. Steam the cheese into the patty for a further 45 seconds.


The Patty Men use buttermilk buns. They key to nailing these is to squeeze the halved bread's inside facing down onto the hot surface. If it's good bread it will spring right back up. Squeezing it against the heat releases the butter and and toasts the inside. It'll only take about 20-30 seconds.


Top quality, butcher's streaky bacon is the key. The Patty Men cook this on a separate grill from the burgers until it's crispy, then drizzle the bacon with a maple sauce. NB - not a syrup. This is less viscous.

Sauces and garnish:

Just light mustard and ketchup, applied in stylish wiggles over finely chopped lettuce, red onion and four generously shopped pickle slices.

Layers from bottom up:

Bread base




Patty (patties)



Maple sauce