Introducing: Tennant Street Lofts

Introducing: Tennant Street Lofts

And the urban art of Elevate

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If there's one thing we've learned from working closely with Elevate Property Group over the last year and a half it's that their property sells fast. So consider this fair warning about Tennant Street Lofts, their latest venture sat in a sweet spot just west of the Central Business District. 

A sweet spot in that it is set back just enough to allow you space from the city's daily bustle but surrounded by history, culture and entertainment options. You'll be well placed to benefit from the growth and prosperity emanating from the centre and even better placed to be as involved, or as removed as you choose. 

From the moment you enter you'll find the sorts of flourishes that put Tennant Street Lofts in its own iconic division. Marrying modernity to comfort, as well as an unexpected amount of space given the central location, none of the two bedroom apartments are less than 650 sq ft in size and many are larger, with balconies as well as secure parking.

And remember those flourishes? Elevate are synonymous with them. Each new development comes with a stunning display of urban art. From Concord House's nod to the minimal... Queensway House's provoking statement...

...Via Peaky Blinders' most iconic character at their last development, the immaculate St Paul's House...

...Elevate Property Group are commited to an urban art twist that'll lift your home from beautiful to utterly memorable. And Tennant Street Lofts lobby will be no different.  #URBANMYTHS

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