Kings Heath Gets Foka-ed

Kings Heath Gets Foka-ed

Foka Wolf Leads Alternative Christmas Light Show

When you get an email from the CEO of Global MegaCorp, you pay attention. 

This one was tipping me off that Birmingham artists Foka Wolf, Tat Vision and Bonus Prize are opening an outdoor Christmas exhibition, Winter Worryland, from Monday 14th December.

Taking over the window spaces of Art Rooms Kings Heath — near the Station Pub — the satirical show will focus on the commercialisation, surrealism and humour of a contemporary Christmas.

Including such bizarre sights as a giant washing powder box, homeless Santa, over £2,000 worth of scratched scratch cards and a turkey Jeff Bezos, the show will confuse and amuse. 

Provocative Birmingham street artist, Foka Wolf — responsible for paste ups across the city that you will have seen — said “Christmas is a special time of year that brings everyone together. We thought it would be the ideal time to give something back to the community in the form of alternative Christmas lights. It’s the perfect outdoor exhibit to visit over this coming Holiday Season, mixing the highs and lows of a Covid Christmas.” 

Multi-media artist, Tat Vision, wjo appeared in last week's I Choose Birmingham email, said “It’s been a tough year for Father Christmases of the world, with no-one able to sit on their laps, or even come near them… On the flip side it’s been a fantastic year for Jeff Bezos, an alternative Santa who’s made it possible to get presents using your computer or phone – eliminating the use of an old man’s lap. I thought it would be nice idea if Jeff gave something back to the poor out-of-work Santas by sacrificing himself as an act of altruism, for his body to be consumed in the true spirit of Christmas.” 

The show will be open from Monday 14th December until 1st January, and can be viewed from outside the Art Rooms at the end of Alcester Road in Kings Heath.  Opposite that big gym, near the police station.