Make your brain better

Make your brain better

With Aston Business School's part-time MBA

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Thirty second quiz? Okay then. What percentage of people on LinkedIn say they dislike their job? We'll give you a clue: It's high. Very high. Worryingly 80% of people really don't like what they spend their lives doing. If you fall into this category, here are the options currently: Keep going because there's a chance things will improve. Or change things up. And whilst we know that's easier said than done, Aston Business School can assist.

ABS's Executive part-time MBA is pretty much designed for you, or a variation on you. Continue working full-time (making the change more achievable) while learning new skills and getting an opinion on current business issues. You'll get 30 months to complete six modules, an elective and a business project — which could relate to a matter you're actually working on. You can use your new found knowledge from day one of the course (well, more likely day two, just thinking practically), and your chances of promotion or a wholesale move will be all the more likely for having the MBA after your name.

In terms of the time commitment, expect to complete much of your studies through online workshops, which you can fit round your schedule. There'll also be weekend residentials, on campus at Aston Business School to provide that all important face time.

Interested in improving your you? As is customary, Aston Business School is putting on an open evening on Thursday, 23 February to which you are cordially invited. Starting at a full-time career friendly 6.30pm, speak to the admissions team, hear from Associate Dean Elaine Clarke (among other speakers), and ask course alumni all those questions that weren't exactly suitable for the big group session. There'll be drinks and food to accompany this portion of the evening.

And if the whole cashdollar thing is what's holding you back, substantial scholarships are available. Or it may even be that your current employer is keen to invest in your continued learning on your behalf. Either way, Aston is in the 1% of business schools with triple accreditation, which basically means it's really really good.

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