A Note From The Editor

A Note From The Editor


Dear Birmingham,

I'm not a doctor and I'm not a scientist but when it comes to our city, I hold myself out as something of an expert. And as the editor of a magazine about the best things to eat, drink and do in this big, brave town, my heart is breaking. You'll know from the mainstream news the strain already put on our incredible medical community. But this is also the nerviest of times for our restaurants, bars, galleries, theatres, retailers and event-organisers. And from street food vendors to yoga teachers, so many find futures full of uncertainty.

While magic wands are in short supply, I support Birmingham, and know you'll do the same. Over the coming weeks and months, these three words are going to mean different things to different people — some of you will be self-isolating, some of you will be looking after your friends, family and neighbours. Remember your neighbours. Others of you will show your support by buying a print from an artist's online store, attending a workshop by web-link, or getting delivery from your favourite restaurant. 

However you are able to support your city, we'll continue to hit your inbox, telling you about what's on, what brilliant Brumness you can access in new ways, as well as those things that are worth staying in for. And whether you're an independent looking to get a message out, or a house-bound individual supporting a Brum business virtually, or you simply have an act of kindness to share, keep Brum going with the hashtag #ISupportBirmingham.  What it will become, we're not too sure, and that's okay in an uncertain time. It will evolve and it will pivot, just as our most beloved venues are evolving and pivoting in uncharted territory. 

Tweet us or mention us on Instagram and we'll do the rest. #ISupportBirmingham — if there's one thing that unifies all of our amazing followers and subscribers, it's that.

Big Birmingham love to you all,

Katy Drohan, Editor  X