"One hundred and eiiiighty!"

Arrows at the 180 Club

A friend of ours has a theory that every single meal would be improved by the simple addition of a fried egg. No exceptions. And though we don't subscribe entirely to this school of thought (cereal being one concern) it did occur to us that many a sport could be improved by simply adding beer. And just as pool, crazy golf and ping pong have been lacquered with the booze brush, now it's the turn of darts. St Paul's Square's The Rectory has been — quite rightly — gutted and refurbed to house half a dozen dart boards, downstairs in the 180 Club. Which is all well and good, but the real beauty lies in the tech. Those who remember ten pin bowling (another "sport" massively improved by pints) when scoring was a pen and paper exercise, will recount how painfully tedious it all was and how revolutionary the scoring tech felt when it landed. Well, through some sort of witchcraft, your dartboard now knows what score you've hit and can tell you where you need to fling your next arrow. It'll even recommend simple games to play — because nobody really knows how darts works. To sum up, it's super clever and it could do more for the game of darts than Bully's special prize. Go, this is a right giggle. From £15 an hour per board. More