Packing & Punching

Packing & Punching

The best of Flatpack 2017

The perfect storm has absolutely nothing to do with water. What it's all about is one-off events in places you can't normally access, doing things you wouldn't normally do. Ideally with food, because — you know, FOOD! The programme at this year's Flatpack Festival is one perfect storm after another.

Bugs at Grand Hotel (April 5 at 8pm)

In the Grand's Grosvenor Suite, watch Danish filmmaker Andreas Johnsen travel the world to investigate grubs in the outback, to giant wasp nests in Japan, with bug-themed tasters by the wildly talented folk of The Wilderness. Tickets

Holorama at Millennium Point (April 4 to 9)

One man painstakingly recreates iconic movie scenes in miniature. A tiny bowling alley from The Big Lebowski, for example. Somehow, presumably magic, he then drops in holograms of the characters. Making of vid, this-a-way. Tickets

Eraserhead at B&MI (April 8 at 8.30pm)

As if David Lynch's first feature film, Eraserhead, needed to get any weirder Flatpack has added a hypnotic rework of the original score by synth duo Cercueil to a screening, at the stunning Birmingham and Midland Institute. Yep, this place. Tickets

The Shared Individual at BCU (April 6 & 7)

Mixing film, theatre, performance, and techy tomfoolery, Copenhagen-based Makropol (pictured top, at Flatpack 2015) are back for a pioneering virtual reality experience, which is said to culminate in something akin to an out of body happening. Best of luck to all. Tickets

Flatpack Festival runs April 4 to 9 across the city. Get entry to almost every event with a Flatpass (£70).