Parklife: Now With Added Deliveroo

Parklife: Now With Added Deliveroo

The delivery kings are dropping off the best of Brum's food and drink to the city's picnic hotspots

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Okay Summer 2017, we get it. We really do. You're such a big time rebel. Cold and rainy. Non-conformist. That's your "thing".

Don't know about you but, some 50 days into what is technically summer, and we've had 4 planned picnics cancelled thanks to this season's staunch penchant for precipitation.

The answer, surely, is to go spontaneous. Spot the sun and make a beeline for the park, taking just the bear essentials of picnickery with you. Paper plates, cups, rug, lotion. Gone. 

What then? Well today is a glorious day, folks, because Deliveroo now deliver the best of Brum's food to many of the city's greenspaces, including...

Birmingham: Cannon Hill Park, St Paul’s Square, Cathedral Square (St Philip’s Place), Calthorpe Park, Selly Oak Park, Highbury Park 

Sutton Coldfield: New Hall Valley Country Park

Solihull/Shirley: Brueton Park, Tudor Grange Park, Shirley Park

More than a little overjoyed by this news, we downed tools on a day when workload really declared it unwise, and made for St Paul's Square for our foodie fill. Six separate Deliveroo, erm,  doers (is that what they're called?) were lavishly dispatched to bring us our feast, while we caught some rare rays. They returned with the following:

1 x Salmon Sushi Set from Sushi Passion

1 x House Cheeseburger, 1 x Parmesan + Truffle Oil Fries and 1 x Buttermilk Chicken Burger from Buffalo & Rye

1 x Curry Goat with Rice & Peas, 3 x Jerk Chicken Wings from 24 Carat Bistro

1 x Meatballs Stuffed with Graviera Cheese and 1 x Diced Chicken Kebab from 40/23

3 x Gin & Tonic Slushies from 40 St Paul's

1 x Bottle of Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé from Connollys

Everything arrived with almost frighteningly organised timing, and all food was piping hot until our photographer insisted he be allowed 45 minutes to take photos. Something you'll get done in 45 seconds flat. 

The burgers were possibly the stars of the show, just about, the beef nudging the chicken in the battle for Buffalo & Rye. Which really should be an actual name for a battle in the US War of Independence. 

The Caribbean cuisine from 24 Carat was as summery as it gets and was washed back with poise by the fruity, zesty rosé. Oh and the ice was still holding firm in the slushies when they landed and elevated the meal from excellent to epic.

Final mention goes to the sushi. The sweet, sweet sushi. Left to last because of its brilliant lack of dependence on heat, it served as a superb refill, over an hour later as hunger somehow briefly returned. 

In fact, so ace was Sushi Passion's salmon platter that it put pay to all plans for dessert. Which, for the record is very much available on Deliveroo. We were eyeing up Sundaes Gelato. Better luck next time, Sundaes Gelato.

And there will be a next time. Oh yes. There will be a next time.    *Machiavellian eye-brow raise to camera*

How to get Deliveroo to a park near you:
  1. Download or open the Deliveroo app for iOS or Android
  2. Enter your location
  3. Drop the delivery pin at the nearest park entrance
  4. Head over to a meeting point once you get a delivery notification, and meet your rider