Pulpo a la Gallega at Amantia

Pulpo a la Gallega at Amantia

A dish on which the owner barely breaks even

"You Choose" - Where we ask the staff to order for us

Venue: Amantia, 9-10 Bennetts Hill, B2 5RS; website

Choice: Pulpo a la Gallega (£8.95) Chooser: Owner

A full year after it opened, we were tempted back to Amantia by balloon glasses full of specialist gin (and tonic), together with busy plates of paella. And while both were most pleasing, it was the 'while you wait' tapas that owner, Marta, recommended that had us making holiday plans with an ardent focus on Galicia - the place where octopus go to live, and then fairly promptly die. With velvety, porous meat the slippery little octy-legged beauties carry flavour like a parched camel carries water, taking on deep, smoky paprika hues - and - thanks to an on form kitchen, reaching the table with the right amount of bite and not a hint of chewiness. In terms of portion size, Amantia are as generous as they can be for the price. Though they barely break even on the dish, Marta is adamant that she won't reduce the serving. Probably best try it before she changes her mind. Menu

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