Street Striker II

Steadily cementing his place in that most beautiful of Brummie grey areas, where genius meets madness (alongside Tat Vision, Foka Wolf and Imbue, to name a few) graphic designer James Bourne has revealed, on the eve of Euro 2024, his Street Striker collection. 

Visualising a raft of members of footballing royalty as would-be characters from Street Fighter II, his pixelated latest creations (hot on the back of these big ugly heads) include Stuart Pearce in that now iconic Euro 96 post-penalty pose and Didier Drogba (above) as well as Neil Warnock, Roy Keane (below), Mick McCarthy, Peter Crouch, Ron Atkinson, Alan Shearer, Carlos Valderrama and more.

"I tried to make a Blanka version of David Moyes," says James. "But the software wasn’t having any of it. I’m looking forward to creating some battles and am particularly excited for Neil Warnock vs Big Ron. I’ve got a funny feeling Barry Fry will show up as a bit of an Easter Egg character.

"I’ve started thinking about which players or managers can play the bosses: Balotelli, Nicolas Anelka, Fergie and Neil Lennon are firmly in my thoughts."

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