How We Went Viral And Fooled Thousands

How We Went Viral And Fooled Thousands

That John Lewis ad and that damned Simpsons dog. Our work. Soz.

We're shit at photoshop. We know it, and you know it. Alas, the rest of the world it seems, doesn't.

Some examples of our God-awful photoshop work? Well there's the time we did this with a Digbeth flood.

And the time we claimed Prince Wills had been to Mr Egg...

But anyway. Yesterday's Trump win and the moderately spooky prediction from The Simpsons that the toupeed one would one day rise to power took over almost everybody's Twitter feed, as it went more viral than an in-flight lurgy.

It frustrated many on that there Twitter because it's starting to feel like Simpsons references can apply to everything that ever happens. Although, granted, this is one of the more amazing coincidences. Being fans of frustration we thought we'd play up to it. You'll know by now that the John Lewis Christmas advert has been released today (have your heart warmed right here). Spoiler alert, the advert ends with a dog bouncing on a trampoline... (Copyright John Lewis)

Firing up photoshop we discovered this picture....

Having made a pig's ear of blotting out Homer, mangling the wooden steps on the way and leaving all the hallmarks of garbage photoshop all over it, we added a cutout picture of the cartoon family's dog. Upside down...

Content with our obviously fake work our editor tweeted it:

Moderately amusing by our terrible standards, but unbeknownst to us it appears many, many people believed it to be a real still from the show. Hundreds have pinched the image and tweeted it as if they had spotted the latest Simpsons prediction. Despite the chuffing dog being upside down. The dog is literally upside down. It couldn't be any more rigid. The picture is a mess.

At the time of writing it has been called out as FAKE!! by The Sun (here), Digital Spy (here), Mashable (here) and The Metro (here).

Top work guys. We've been trending all over the UK with it, but, weirdly, not in Brum. Help us out by using the share options underneath the very first picture on this webpage? But not before you've subscribed, free, right here...